How do penguins eat?


By Scott A. Rowan

How do penguins eat?

Penguins are pretty quick eaters. Using their strong bills and beak, they catch their prey while swimming in the ocean.

Once caught, the fish is swallowed whole in a couple of gulps.

Without any teeth, penguins have to eat their prey whole – and eat it quickly or else the prey can escape! The throats of penguins are lined with hundreds of spines that point down the bird’s gullet and keep prey from climbing back up their throat and getting free.

Everything penguins eat are small enough to fit into their throat in one big gulp. Unlike other animals, like sharks, that can take multiple bites out of a larger prey item, such as a dead whale, penguins have to feed on animals that are small enough to be eaten at one time such as cuttlefish, squid, small fishes such as sardines, and, of course, krill.

Krill is a major part of a penguin’s diet.


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